Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cake Balls

Cake balls are one of the most magical, delicious desserts known to man kind. And I don't even like cake! But these cake balls are Divine!

My friend Tiffany makes them all the time, they are gorgeous when she makes them. The chocolate is all nice and smooth and covers every inch of the cake ball.

When I make them, they are all rough looking. I have yet to master the chocolate covering perfection that Tiffany has mastered.

Anyways....the recipe..hmmm..really...there is no recipe! Just bake a cake, any flavor you want! Let the cake cool completely. Then you cut off the outer edges and the top since its all crunchy. Then you just crumble the cake up into a bowl and add a little bit of frosting(again, any flavor you want). When I make them, I use a tablespoon or two. You just want the balls moist enough to stick together when you roll them up. Once that is done, pull up your sleeves and get to rolling! Once you have your little balls on a cookie sheet, you put them in the fridge to get firm! I let them stay in there a hour or more....but that's usually because I'm a mom of 3...and I forget things. Right before you take them out of the fridge, nuke some Almond Bark(Chocolate or White)...almond bark is the best! Do not try this with regular chocolate will not work! Ive tried, its not pretty! My friend Tiffany has also used the colored chocolate from Michael's craft store to make red and blue or pink and green cake balls. Anyways, melt your chocolate and get to dunking! I use a regular tablespoon to dunk mine. Then you just put them on some wax paper for the chocolate to get hard. Again, this is usually where I walk away and tend to forget that I have made these bad boys till one of the kids comes around the corner with chocolate all over their face.

And have cake balls! Again, you can use any flavor combo you like! In my pic I have french vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting, dipped in regular chocolate!

You have to give these a try! If you do, come back and report to me! I would love to hear how much you enjoy them!

And thanks to my friend Tiffany for always making these for me for my kid's parties back when I was too chicken to try and make them myself!


Melanie said...

They're good! I made them to be 'truffles' for the top of a Valentine candy box cake I made earlier this year. Great picture :)

Jaymie said...

What other kind of chocolate could you use if you don't have "Almond Bark?"

Lori said...

Do you not have it where you live or you are just out? Ive tried chocolate chips but it does not set up as well. Almond bark or baking chocolate(the squares) works best.

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