Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy Life

Its been a while since I blogged...last time was about the idiot who hit me with his car in the parking lot....anyways....there are happier things to report so I thought I would come and share.

Madison was on Spring Break last week so we suprised her with a trip to San Antonio for a few days. She loves that place..I think its more of the hotel she loves than anything. That girl loves to stay in hotels. Anyways we left on Thursday and made the drive in. The kids did pretty good on the car ride since they had DVD's to watch. We just kinda stuck around the hotel that night..swam in the "heated" wasnt too heated, still pretty cold when we got out...ordered Texas Land and Cattle to go and ate in our rooms before turning in for the night. Friday was the big day...we got up and headed to Sea World...Madison really had no idea what Sea World was...but when we got there she was so excited and ready to run around! First thing we did was go feed the dolphins. We beat the crowd for this and got a pretty good spot along the tank. Danny got inline and got us some stinky fish to bring the dolphins close to us. Madison was terrified the dolphins were going to bite her hand off for that little fish so she was tossing the fish into the dolphins mouth and not even getting close enough to pet it...I tried to show her that he would not bite her..but she was just content with seeing one up close. Next we walked across the park and went to the shamu was great...Ive always loved marine life...well except for Sharks! LOL After the show we had lunch, let Madison and Christopher play at the little Shamu place they had for kids...Madison and Danny rode a ride or two then we saw the penguins and then the last show for the was pretty neat..more people diving around than animals...but still pretty cool. Once we got back to the hotel we all got ready to go eat on the Riverwalk. I wanted to eat at our usual place, Casa Rio...but by the time we got there it was a hour wait and they were not even taking names for the list anymore it was so we walked and tried out a new place called Rio Rio....HORRIBLE! It took forever to get our food, the kids were hungry and tired and it was expensive!! We could of eaten at Casa Rio twice at the price of this place! So note to self, never eat at Rio Rio again! ;) We headed home Saturday, we were going to go to the zoo but we were suppose to have our new fridge delivered so we headed home since they wanted to deliver it "early".
So San Antonio was a good little trip for us. The kids had fun and thats really all that matters right?!

The week after Spring Break is always exhausting and stressful b/c you are always so tired from SB and trying to play catch up. For me its catching up on the laundry and cleaning...and no Im still not done!

I thought it really sucked that Easter was the weekend of Spring Break for us...but we had a pretty good easter...the kids loved what the easter bunny left them and loved hunting eggs even more...we ran a few errands but really stayed outside 90% of the day....unfortunately the kids allergies paid for it in a big way come the week. Christopher ended up with wheezing from it and needed breathing treatments all week, had a ear infection...and Madisons throat is so raw from the drainage its not even one is sleeping this week..its just a mess around here.

Anyways, I thought I would come update you guys on whats gone on with us....hope you enjoyed! ;)

Oh and dont worry, Im still learning this blogging thing and my next thing to learn is how to post pictures so be on the look out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


WTF is wrong with people?! I swear some people are so stupid they should be banished from the earth!!

DH got home way early so we were able to eat dinner and be done by we ran to lowes to get fertilizer and a few things to start our garden(we will actually start cultivating the ground and such on Sunday)...well we were standing at the back of DH's truck, bucking the kids into one of those grocery carts that have the seats on the back and some jerk backed into us!! He hit me first which made me hit the shopping cart....we were not out in the middle of the lane, DH's back was touching the back of his we were totally not in the way of the lane....I slammed my hand down a few times on the back of this guys car to let him hit people!!! And he never turned around or acknowledged us...he kept going made a turn and then turned around a flipped me off!!! I was livid!!! If my kids werent with m e I would of chased this guy down and beat the crap outta him..seriously...livid! DH of course didnt get the liscense plate number b/c he was checking the kids to make sure they were ok and I was screaming at this guy so it didnt occur to me get it lady witnessed it but she didnt get the plate numbers either...Im so angry!! There was nothing we could do since we didnt get the plate numbers...Im angry that Dh didnt try to look and get the numbers even though I know he was checkingo n the kids...Im angry at the lady that stood their think she would of gotten the plates...Im angry at that guy for not even caring that he hit people!!! Not a car...a person! A person with 2 little kids!! Uugghhh Im still furious about it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Its been a while

Its been a while since I posted a blog so I thought while I had some peace this morning I would take the time to catch up.

Lets see...the kids are finally somewhat better...figured out it was allergies and got some new meds..again..another 70 bucks in meds but happy to report they are better!!! Im glad we finally figured out something b/c it was really bothering me the kids being sick all time and being the worry wart I am I always thought it was something more a underlying condition that was causing them to always be sick.

After getting the kids on the road to recovery it was time for me to get hit with some kind of infection...of course right?! I had the worse sinus infection ever last week, I seriously wanted to get a paid or pliers out and pull out my own teeth the pain and pressure was just too much. I even went to the dentist and almost let them talk me into a root canel even though there was nothing on my xray...I guess I had "Stupid" written across my forehead...but I should of known it was my sinus infection and not a full blown toothache. I still have 4 days of antibiotics left but I feel a ton better already. And since the tooth scare I plan on getting to a dentist quick for a cleaning and exam...its been about 7 years since Ive been to a dentist and I need to set a good example for the kids.

Since my last blog we have been super busy...I went to see Tim Mcgraw at the rodeo one night, then we took the kids the next night to see Faith Hill...the inlaws came to see the house..its just never ending. My parents are coming this weekend, then we are going to see Brad Paisley at the rodeo..we will take the kids one day to the carnival and AGventure, we some birthday parites coming up, Madison has rodeo day at school, then preschool graduation pictures, I need to get her registered for Kindergarten and get Christophers paperwork in for his 2 days of never ends!

And now as I feel so overwhlemed by writing down all that needs to get done there is a noise coming from upstairs...Christopher...hitting his music box on his crib...signaling that he has had enough sleep and is ready for the day....I just wish I was!

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