Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day of School

OK so I know Im about 2 weeks late posting this but...hey...its been a little chaotic here in the Gutierrez household!

Madison started Kindergarten! Akkk! I can not believe my baby girl is in Kindergarten! She is doing fantastic so far! My big girl decided she did not want mommy to take her to school so she opted to ride the bus! Luckily the bus picks up and drops off right at the end of the street. And of course, Miss Smarty Pants has memorized her bus number and even knows her bus drivers name and which seat is for her! Her teacher, Ms Bailey, is wonderful. Madison has even decided some days she wants to buy her lunch! Good thing I loaded her card with money! She has even memorized her card number so she can punch it in herself! Its just like a little PIN number she has. I load it with money and when she punches in her number it takes away from the balance. Pretty nifty huh?! I wish I could tell you what she has learned at school or what they have done, but Madison always says she doesnt remember. All she can tell me is that they went to PE, art or music and that they went outside and then she can tell me what she ate today. I usually have to wait till Friday when they send home the progress report to see what they have done for the week.

Madison was not the only kiddo who started school. Christopher started school as well. He goes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am-2pm. He is adjusting I think. Still cries a little, but his progress report says he does well. Most kids are adjusting his age, still going through the seperation anxiety. I think he enjoys being around other kids and will only get more comfortable at drop off time the more times he goes.

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Lacy said...

Your babies are so cute! I bet it was tough when she told you she wanted to ride the bus! I still get kinda teary eyed when I put my step son on the bus! I couldn't imagine putting my daughter on the bus!!

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