Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keep on.... keeping on...

Keep on truckin'...that's the saying....and that is exactly what we are doing these days! We just keep going and going!

Madison graduated preschool on May 15th. I can not believe she will be in Kindergarten in the fall. We also had Kindergarten orientation on the 14th. They took the kids to ride a bus to explain how we act when riding the bus, etc. And I learned about the school and how her day would go. Since the riding of the bus, she now wants to ride the bus to and from school. I think I'm going to let her do this. The school is 2 blocks away, the drop off is at the end of our street so I can walk her down there and stay till she gets on the bus and be there when she gets off. I also learned the teachers physically put them on the bus so I should have no worries of her getting on the wrong bus to come home.

I have since been trying to keep the kids busy and trying to keep them from killing each other! LOL And I just have to say it is going to be one long summer! I signed Madison up for a reading/writing class that will hopefully help her prepare more for kindergarten and get her reading more. She no longer has speech so this is something I will have to work with her on at home. I gave the new school her paperwork so they will also help her in school in the fall. I also signed her up for swim lessons today. We start June 16th. We go for 2 weeks every day. Then we start maintenance classes for 3 months or so. In July I'm going to do a mommy and me class with Christopher at a gymnastics place and also sign Madison to do that as well. I hope to keep the kids even more busy with lots of trips to our pool and play dates with friends.

I recently joined the gym. I just joined today. I have a fitness assessment on Monday where a trainer will take measurements/weight and then make a fitness plan for me and show me how to work all the machines. I'm excited! I really need this. I think I will feel better about myself if I'm healthier and of course weigh less! But the ultimate goal is just to be healthier. I got Danny a 2 week free trial while I was there and I'm sure after those 2 weeks he will want to join as well! ;)

His work is keeping him super busy. They had to fire a guy that was really helping Danny's work load now he is having to do it all again and his boss also had shoulder surgery recently so he has been out of commission. So needless to say, he has been working very hard and very stressed.

Well I guess that is it for me for now. If you have made it this far, thanks! I will do my best to blog more and Im still trying to figure out how to put up a lot of pics and extras so bare with me!

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Dotty said...

busy busy busy! way to go mom for making sure things go smoothly for kindergarden! hope your summer goes smoothly!

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