Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ October 19th

Well, we survived Homecoming weekend....barely I think. I forgot to put sunscreen on myself and it turned out to be hotter than we all thought. But the girls had a great time, did a wonderful job and the football team won!

Now I wish I could say the busy weeks are over, but I think this one maybe the busiest of all. I have a parent meeting for Girl Scouts, Cheer practice, football game, Mothers Night Out, guests spending the night, and my son's 3rd Birthday party! I know, it sounds crazy doesn't it.

Well, lets get that menu out there. Nothing fancy, but hey, its food and its good food.

Monday- Parent Meeting for Girl Scouts- Meatball Subs and homemade onion rings.

Tuesday- Chicken Lickin Pork Chops in the crock pot, rice and veggies.

Wednesday- Cheer Practice- Sausage and Onions, rice.

Thursday- Football Game- Grab something on the way to the game.

Friday- I have a Mothers Night Out, plus my first weekend guests arrive after a concert to crash at our house. Hubby is in charge of quesadillas and rice for the kiddos.

Saturday- DS's birthday party(serving pizza for lunch) but my parents arrive and are spending the night, I think we are going to make Enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday- leftovers

There you have it, a simple menu plan for a super busy week. Head over to The Organizing Junkie for tons more menu plans!

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