Monday, September 21, 2009

Crossiant Paninni

So I saw Giada de Laurentis make these one day on Food Network. Obviously hers were more grand and had different ingredients but I knew I had to make them for my family! And you do not need to rush out and buy a paninni press to make these. If you have a George Foreman Grill (this is what I use) it will work, or just cook in a skillet and press down on top of the sandwich with another skillet that is pushed down with a heavy can.

There is really no recipe. You just get the crossiants from the bakery at the grocery store. Your favorite lunch meats, cheeses, greens and tomatoes if you wish. My family just wants meat and cheese. So usually we have turkey breasts, ham provolone cheese, and for hubby and myself I add pepper jack as well.

Layer all those ingredients on the crossiant and press in the George Foreman Grill. Cook until the cheese is melted. Easy as pie and yummy too! I usually serve these with a soup!

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Candice said...

Those look so yummy!!!

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