Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Time for Another Giveaway!

It's time for another great giveaway here at MyKindaRain!

This giveaway is being brought to us by Natasha at The Melting Pot Candle Company!

Let's get this party started with a little questionnaire I had with Natasha!

Tell me about you and your family
My name is Natasha. I am married to a man who was my best friend for 6 years before we married almost 7 years ago! We have 3 great children; Justice our oldest son is 5, Savannah is 2 and Marcus is 1. Our 4th baby is due September 30th! We are both originally from Atlanta and moved to TN for a quieter place just before we married. We now have a mini farm in the works and our children love the outdoors and animals!

Whats your store name and link:
The Melting Pot Candle Co.

What do you specialize in?
I specialize in natural wax tarts. Wax tarts go in a burner and are melted. The then release a fragrance making your home smell wonderful! I also have other products such as Aroma beads in sachets for closets, cars or drawers, and new bath and body products in the works!

How did you get started?
I began this company because my favorite tart maker was going to close her business. I didn't find any others I REALLY loved so I bought most of her supplies and began my own!

What do you love about your business?
I LOVE all the fragrances. I love when I get feedback from customers that they enjoyed the products. My goal is to make each and every customer satisfied. It is a great feeling when I see the same customers coming back for more!

What is your favorite product right now?
My favorite current product is the full size tarts in a cup. I love the cup. It makes for great storage and because it is a food grade container it keep s all the scent trapped inside until use. It gives the tarts a much longer shelf life. My favorite current scent is Wild Mountain Honey! Recommended by a great customer, Trish from Do-Hickies & Thing-A-Majigs...yum!

What makes your shop different?
I take extreme pride in each and every product I make. If it isn't right I will not ship it. I make each tart to order so they are fresh when you get them. If for any reason something isn't right I make it so!

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?
The Melting Pot Products are sold at the main site:

On Hyena Cart:

What do you love about handcrafts?
I really think it is important to support other families. I try to buy everything I can from a WAHM or WAHD. It is a great community to support and items are not mass manufactured. Items are made by hand with love and care. That is what I want to bring to my family. I enjoy getting packages in the mail and opening them with the kids. My 5 year old always says who sent us that? I gladly say a great mama in (insert state here). They get a better understanding when I make items and send them to other families. Even better are trades! I love to do trades and I tell the kids. We are going to send this to Jessica at Zing Slings and she is going to make Savannah a skirty. The Skirty arrives and they remember! It is a great lesson in sharing and give and take.

What are some of your favorite online shops?
The Crunchy Congo (
Zing Slings (
The Spotted Box (
T & Little S Designs (

Thanks Natasha for allowing us to get to know you, your family, and your business better! And a double thanks for participating in this great giveaway!

Natasha is offering up a gift set which includes :1 Tart Burner, 3 Tarts (Your choice of scents and wax) and 3 Tea lights

All you have to do to enter for your chance to win this great gift set is go to TheMeltingPotCandleCo. website and browse around...come back and tell me what scents you would like to try.

For 1 Bonus entry you can:
1. Become a follower of my blog
2. Add my super cool button to your site
3. Follow me on twitter
4. Tweet it and link it back to me.
5. Blog about this giveaway and post the link in a comment.

For 2 bonus entries:
1. Go to TheMeltingPotCandleCo. and make a purchase of 3.00 or more! I will have Natasha give me your order number as a confirmation.

Leave me a comment for each entry that you complete. This giveaway ends Friday, May 8th

UPDATED: Natasha has agreed that whoever won the giveaway, if outside of the US or Canada, that she would give a 5.00 giftcard to her store! SO now there is no excuse! ENTER! ;)


Kristina said...

I would love to try the apple cinnamon, the clove, and the cucumber melon.

Jessy said...

Oh my goodness! The Baked Apple Pie, Camp Fire S'mores, and Butt Naked sound like they would smell great!!! I love how there's a little something for everybody.

Kimberly said...

Well I've tried posting 3 x's hopefully none of the others show up ;)

Birthday Cake
4-Leaf Clover
Huckleberry Harvest

These would be my top three mmm.

Anonymous said...

These are the best tarts ever. They are very nicely made. WAHM samples are very professional looking.

I love the:

Wild Mountain Honey
Baked Apple Pie
Morning Mocha

Mac said...

I would love Amaretto Nog, Apple Cider & Fig and Coconut! They sound so good!

Mac said...

I've become a follower!

Anonymous said...

Blueberry Cobbler sounds deadly! But birthday cake, coconut and Maretto Nog sound amazing too!
psalm25v4 at msn dot com

mamaJean said...

So many wonderful scents to choose from and I love this kind of stuff. I would definitely try Amber Romance, Fresh Cut Roses, and McIntosh Apple. They are so reasonably priced too, you could pretty much buy every scent you'd like to try. Thanks for sharing this company with us Lori :o)

Becca said...

I would LOVE to try Dragon's Blood (never smelled it, it sounds interesting!), Amish Friendship Bread (who doesn't love that?!), and Lavender Fields. Lavender is my favorite scent. YUM! Ok, I want to try them all really!

Dede said...

Ooooh, apples and maple bourbon and dragon's blood sound fabulous!! :)

Dede said...

I couldn't resist....ordered 5 monkey farts, a warmer, and a tealight for a girlfriend of mine. Our farting history goes way back so she'll get a kick out of this. LOL!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Following! ;)

Hun said...

I'd choose Cookies for Santa, Clove and frosted cupcake.

Hun said...

What if you're already a follower?? LOL

Toni said...

I love the Amish frienship bread!!!

Reva Skie said...

I would like to try the birthday cake, mediterranean fig and the green tea and lemongrass. Not sure I wanna know what monkey farts smells like, lol.

Reva Skie said...

I follow your blog.

Reva Skie said...

I follow you on twitter, revaskie

Cheryl Hillman said...

I would like to try the Baked Apple Pie! Sounds yummy!

Not So Average Mama said...

Monkey Farts, Country Bumpkin and Dreamsicle

Not So Average Mama said...

I follow you

Not So Average Mama said...

I have your button on my links page

Not So Average Mama said...


Heather D. said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I'd like the Monkey Farts, Butt Naked and Birthday cake!

Jaymie said...

Soo hard to choose!

Def Monkey Farts, Cookies for Santa, Cotton Candy, Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Bath and Cinnamon and Brown Sugar. mmmm.

darlanpaulsmamma said...

i would love the lavender, lavender fields and monkey farts (just for the name..LOL!)

darlanpaulsmamma said...

blog followr

furygirl3132 said...

I would love to try the Birthday Cake, Amish Friendship Bread, and Cheesecake, thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


furygirl3132 said...

I am also following your blog (furygirl3132).


furygirl3132 said...

I am following you on Twitter (furygirl3132).


furygirl3132 said...

I tweeted:


Linda said...

I would like to try Amaretto Nog, Butter Cream and Coconut.

ginnn7 said...

i think i would like Cotton Candy,Juicy Watermelon,
Best Friends

ginnn7 said...

i follow

z. Smith said...

I would love to try the Camp Fire S'mores & the Cotton Candy scents.

Deb said...

Oooh!! I'd love to win this!! Amaretto Nog, Amber Romance, and Frankincense and Myrrh would be my picks.

zblueyez said...

I'd love to try Butt Naked and Blueberry Cobbler!

Anonymous said...

Way to many to choose from!!!

But I would love to try the dreamsicle
Butt Nakid
or Storm watch

jamnsfld76 said...

Well since I only made it to page 2 and had a list going I will spare you all the scents that sound good to me. Amish Friendship Bread, Brown Sugar and Fig, Campfire S'mores, Caramelized Pralines are a good start.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I can pick just one....probably pink is my favorite all time set (so far)!

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