Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Baby! Jacob is here!

Well, I got my Super Bowl Baby! Yes its true!

All that cleaning I did on Saturday must of paid off! ;)

Sunday, February 1st was a normal Sunday for us....cooked kiddos breakfast, started the ritual of laundry and cleaning the rest of the house. Yes its true, I was nesting and also secretly hoping that all the work I was putting into making everything spotless would pay off.

I had just put our lunch in the oven and thought I would go to the bathroom while it was cooking and then come back do the dishwasher....but little did I know that I wouldnt get to empty the dishwasher or finish my lunch I had just put in the oven.

I wiped and saw blood. The same blood I had when I went into preterm labor at 33 weeks. So I of course yell for Danny and tell him that Im bleeding so we need to start getting everyone ready.

I call my doctor and they of course tell me what I already knew, " Head to Labor and Delivery". Danny calls the neighbor to ask about her watching the kids for us and gets them dressed. I make sure the bag is ready while he eats his lunch. I needed him to be strong for me, not weak and starving.

We got to the hospital around 12:30 I think. I was having some contractions but they were not regular enough. I was dialted to a 4 at this point though. My contractions seemed to be 4-7 mins apart and varied in duration. They monitored me for a hour.

So I was ordered to walk around the hospital for a hour. So we walked around the postpartum area for a hour...I was having some pretty good contractions at this point. After the hour was over, we went back to L&D to get back on the monitor to see if the contractions would be regular and to see if I had any cervical change.

Luckily...I did! I was 5cm! And very stretchy! Contractions were the same...4-7 mins apart but they were getting a little stronger. So I bought myself a admission to the hospital with the cervical change! YAY!

Im trying to remember the times, but its a little fuzzy. I know once I got into a room and hooked back up to everything the contractions were again...very strong but still 4-7 mins. They said that they would have to break my water, his little head was blocking up the cervix and thats why it hadnt broken on its own yet. I agreed but asked for the epidural before they broke my water. I know from my previous labors how intense the pain gets once that bag of water is gone. And who am I kidding..Im such a little girl when it comes to pain! LOL.

So, I got the epidural and everything was great. I was still able to feel the pressure so I would know when to push but no hard pains.

Around 5:30pm they came in and broke my water.Which BTW, I was 6-7 CM at this point. Thats when the pressure really started up. After a few "contractions" I told them I felt they came in to check me and I was at a 8cm but very stretchy they said to give it a few more contractions to get me to 10cm...The pressure I was feeling was unreal. I called them back into the room 2 more times...they kept calling me "the girl who cried wolf!" lol because everytime they thought they would come in and find me at a 10 and ready to go and everytime still just 8-9cm. Once I got to that 9cm though the doc told me to push, that maybe that one push would make me a 10 and it worked! It also turned the baby where he was looking down like he was suppose to be instead of to the side!

SO at that point it was time to get to pushing! I didnt count, but I was told by several that I pushed for 5 mins or maybe a little longer(but no longer than 10 mins) and he was here!

Jacob Alexander arrived at 6:38pm on Febrary 1st, 2009. He was 7lbs 6 ounces nad 19.25 inches long. He has a head full of black hair and is just so tiny and perfect! I cant believe he was over 7lbs and only 37 weeks! Imagine if I had gone to 40 weeks! Eeekk!!

We are home now, adjusting as best we can. Its hard to believe that Im a mom to 3 kids now! Im feeling good, other than exhaustion and trying to get the hang of breastfeeding. Luckily I didnt have any tears during delivery so I required no stitching and feel pretty good!

So there is a birth story. Not too bad I think! ;)


Dotty said...

CONGRATS momma!! if you go back and check my guesses you will see i guessed the length and hair and day right...not to bad hu? lol. rest when you can!!
hugs momma!!

dottie said...

Lol, the second "Dottie" to post, lol.

Congrats to all of you, he's beautiful!

Stitchblade said...


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