Friday, January 2, 2009

Home...on bedrest....

SO, my last post involved letting you all know I was in the hospital.

Well, no baby was born, thankfully...since it is a little early...and I was released yesterday around lunch.
I have been put on bedrest. I can get up to go to the bathroom, shower...those kinds of things...but pretty much all I can do is sit or lay in this bed and do nothing.
I cant even begin to explain to you how much this is killing me. I hate to sit still like this. I know most of you are thinking, I would love to be told to sit on my rear all the time and do nothing....but just sounds good at first...when you have to actually do it....its not so great. I was done sitting in a bed when I was in the hospital...and now that Im home...I want to get up...I have so much that needs to be done before this little boy does actually come into this world...and I can not do one thing!!! My husband, God Bless him, has taken up so much of the slack around here....I feel horrible that I can not help him....but he hasnt made a peep about it. It has to be done, but I cant help but blame myself for this. Had I done what people had told me all along, "take it easy" then none of this might of happened. And now...look...Im stuck in this bed, expecting all these other people to pick up after me...and I hate it.


Brie said...

oh goodness, hun! I can't even imagine being on bedrest with 2 kids. Hopefully the time passes quickly. How long til 36 weeks?

Lori said...

Just posted a update Brie!

Thanks for checking in!

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