Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hospital Admission

Thought I would send out a mass email instead of trying to answer all the Q's on facebook and what not...

I woke up this AM and had some bleeding, so I called and was told to come in. When we got here I was having contractions every 2-3 mins. They took a urine sample to see if maybe I had a bladder infection causing the contractions...it was negative....then I was checked for dilation...and I am 2.5 CM dilated.
I was given a series of shots to try and stop the contractions...that did not happen....

So I was admitted to the hospital....and they started a magnesium drip....the contractions have stopped for now, I have no dilated anymore.

If nothing happens tonight(no dilation or contractions) they will wean me off the magnesium tomorrow and start me on a oral med to keep the contractions from coming back....I will be monitred on this pill as well for 24 hours....if it keeps the contractions away I will be allowed to go home on Thursday. If they do not work, I have to go back on magnesium which means I have to stay in the hospital. If I am able to go home I am being put on bedrest so I can get to at least 36 weeks.

Ultrasound today showed baby was very very low. He is 5lbs 3 ounces right now and has had a great heartbeat through out it all. Im listening to him on the monitor now, he has the hiccups! ;) He is head down. DOctor said she could feel his head when she checked me.

So Im still on the mag drip, I have gotten the steriod shot to help mature his lungs if something should happen and I deliver early....

Anyways, thats the update from here...I will let you know when I know more.


Dotty said...

Hang in there!!!! wow he is low and ready hu? tell him to stay in there!!

Tracy said...

Keeping you in my thoughts!!!

hang in there baby it is not time to come out and play yet!!

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