Thursday, January 22, 2009


I hate to use a famous quote but...all that comes to mind is..."Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!"

I am free from my bedroom, free from bed rest, free from medication to stop labor, and free from home monitoring!!!

I have never been so thrilled! I know lots of people said.."Oh enjoy bed rest while you can"...or "well you still need to take it easy once you are released", but you really have no idea how hard bed rest is on your emotions and on your body until you have experienced it. My muscles ache from laying down so much. Walking is a little difficult but not because of labor pains or baby, but because of how weak my muscles are from not doing anything for 3 weeks!

The first thing I did after my doctor appt? Treated myself to lunch at Jason's Deli and then of course a trip to target....just to get out and walk was so nice! I even just drove around some today because it was nice to be out in the "real" world.

So anyways...I'm off bed rest ( BTW I am 3cm dilated) and you all can start placing your bets for when I will go into labor....DH says 10 days from now...what do you think?

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Dotty said...

YEA! im glad your off bedrest! i was on bedrest with mikey for 9 days and it was hell!! hhmm guesses hu....well heres my list

either jan 31st late at night, or feb 1st(chance's bday) early morning. length..19.25 inches, weight, 6lbs 9 ounces, dark hair and blue eyes.


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