Thursday, September 4, 2008


First off, I know its been a while but you would not believe how crazy it is here. So I apoligize for not posting much.

Be sure to check my blog over the next couple days, I plan to post a ton. I actually have them typed and saved so I can post almost one a day for the whole weekend. There will be a lot of pics in the posts for sure! SO bookmark me, subscribe, whatever...just make sure you come back! ;)

Ok, now for the cuteness that the title suggests.

As most of you know, Madison gave Christopher his first haircut back before Easter....yes his first...she cut off a lot of his cute baby curls...I was devestated. Took me a long time to get over it. Well....Im back to that point. DH took the kiddos to get their haircuts last night. Mainly Madison since today is picture day at school. So while he was there, he went ahead and got Christophers done as well. So...he now has his first big boy haircut! The curls are gone...and Im sad, but he looks so cute and so grown up. I cant believe I agreed to a haircut but at the same time its so sweet to see him with a big boy haircut and he had a great time getting it cut.

Now you check out these pics and just tell me you dont think he is the cutest thing ever?!


Yes I know that his glasses are on upside down, but you try and tell him that!

And the after! cuteness!!! How can you not love it?!

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Candice said...

OMG...he is soo cute with his big boy hair cut!!

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