Monday, April 21, 2008

Super bad

Ive been super bad about blogging lately and Im sorry. And I know I said I would use this blog as a way to post about what is going on with the kids but I think I will also make it my outlet for myself...a way to put things out there that might be bothering me and what dont be suprised if you come to my blog and find me yelling about something...

We got the kids a swingset! Finally! And luckily it doesnt take up the whole back yard! :) We still have tons of room! They love it and have been outside almost every day since we finished putting it together(which took 12 hours I might add). Its been the best money we have ever spent!

We have also decided to be more "green". Im making our own cleaners, Ive ordered the kids and Danny laptop lunches to make it a waste free lunch....we are doing away with plastic grocery bags and using canvas. Did you know 14 plastic bags can run a car for a mile?! Crazy!
Im even going to try out cloth diapering as a way to not only save money but to save the planet. One diaper takes 500 years to decompose! Thats horrible!! And think about it, if you change a newborn 10-12 times a day!! Crazy!! Im also switching to a lot of pba free items, like sippy cups, we are going to get rid of rubbermaid type containers and just use glass. Im really serious about this and I want to do my part to make the world a better place for my kids to grow up in. Im also switching a few things we use to organic...this will be a slow process...I want to use up what we have as to not be wasteful so Im only buying what we need right now in organic and using the non organic that I have on hand now. Its been so fun learning new things and Im really excited about it.

Alright, I will bbl..I need to get lunch before getting Madison from school. I promise I will blog more often.

Go Green!

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