Monday, March 10, 2008

Its been a while

Its been a while since I posted a blog so I thought while I had some peace this morning I would take the time to catch up.

Lets see...the kids are finally somewhat better...figured out it was allergies and got some new meds..again..another 70 bucks in meds but happy to report they are better!!! Im glad we finally figured out something b/c it was really bothering me the kids being sick all time and being the worry wart I am I always thought it was something more a underlying condition that was causing them to always be sick.

After getting the kids on the road to recovery it was time for me to get hit with some kind of infection...of course right?! I had the worse sinus infection ever last week, I seriously wanted to get a paid or pliers out and pull out my own teeth the pain and pressure was just too much. I even went to the dentist and almost let them talk me into a root canel even though there was nothing on my xray...I guess I had "Stupid" written across my forehead...but I should of known it was my sinus infection and not a full blown toothache. I still have 4 days of antibiotics left but I feel a ton better already. And since the tooth scare I plan on getting to a dentist quick for a cleaning and exam...its been about 7 years since Ive been to a dentist and I need to set a good example for the kids.

Since my last blog we have been super busy...I went to see Tim Mcgraw at the rodeo one night, then we took the kids the next night to see Faith Hill...the inlaws came to see the house..its just never ending. My parents are coming this weekend, then we are going to see Brad Paisley at the rodeo..we will take the kids one day to the carnival and AGventure, we some birthday parites coming up, Madison has rodeo day at school, then preschool graduation pictures, I need to get her registered for Kindergarten and get Christophers paperwork in for his 2 days of never ends!

And now as I feel so overwhlemed by writing down all that needs to get done there is a noise coming from upstairs...Christopher...hitting his music box on his crib...signaling that he has had enough sleep and is ready for the day....I just wish I was!

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