Thursday, March 13, 2008


WTF is wrong with people?! I swear some people are so stupid they should be banished from the earth!!

DH got home way early so we were able to eat dinner and be done by we ran to lowes to get fertilizer and a few things to start our garden(we will actually start cultivating the ground and such on Sunday)...well we were standing at the back of DH's truck, bucking the kids into one of those grocery carts that have the seats on the back and some jerk backed into us!! He hit me first which made me hit the shopping cart....we were not out in the middle of the lane, DH's back was touching the back of his we were totally not in the way of the lane....I slammed my hand down a few times on the back of this guys car to let him hit people!!! And he never turned around or acknowledged us...he kept going made a turn and then turned around a flipped me off!!! I was livid!!! If my kids werent with m e I would of chased this guy down and beat the crap outta him..seriously...livid! DH of course didnt get the liscense plate number b/c he was checking the kids to make sure they were ok and I was screaming at this guy so it didnt occur to me get it lady witnessed it but she didnt get the plate numbers either...Im so angry!! There was nothing we could do since we didnt get the plate numbers...Im angry that Dh didnt try to look and get the numbers even though I know he was checkingo n the kids...Im angry at the lady that stood their think she would of gotten the plates...Im angry at that guy for not even caring that he hit people!!! Not a car...a person! A person with 2 little kids!! Uugghhh Im still furious about it!

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Dotty said...

OMG! are you okay? oh im so sorry, what a total @ss, what is wrong with people! Thank God your breathing and your kiddos are doing well, but i know that there is still soo much more here! its unreal! and he had the nerve to flip you off!!??!! all i can say is Karma hun, karma. i pray he gets his dose. are you okay? did you get hurt? sorry, hope things get better soon.

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