Friday, December 18, 2009


I just wanted to make my readers aware of a few things.

I plan on taking off from blogging, starting Monday December 21st, 2009 until January 1st, 2010.

There are several reasons behind this.
1. My kids are off from school and I would like to enjoy that time instead of worrying about other things. I want to spend time with them. Have some fun!

2.The blog is about to go through a new design and a new location. I know my blog wont be out of commission during that time, but I want some time to learn the new layout and to also get ready for new great things not only for me, but for you my readers. Thanks to a wonderful friend I have obtained my own domain name and hosting. I am working with Brandy at Stitchblade Designs on a new look!

3. When I come back, things will be neater, easier to find, and I plan on us having lots of fun so be ready!

I know I just posted a giveaway for some postcards from Uprinting and do not worry! You can still enter, and enter often! I will still close the giveaway on the 31st and notify my winner via email!

So...don't run off and leave me just yet! I just wanted to take some time off while we are going through a change and it's the holiday season after all!

I will be back! Bigger and better than ever!


Mamma M said...

I hear ya. Time with the kids is mucho important!

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