Saturday, December 5, 2009

Did you hear?

Did you hear the news yet?

It snowed in Houston! Yes you heard me right! It snowed in Houston, Texas yesterday!

Crazy I know!

My kids LOVED IT! OK, Jakers didn't really care for it. And yes the hat he is wearing is C-Man's. C-Man had a ball playing in it. He was disappointed that it didn't stick long enough for him to make a snowball, but he really enjoyed tasting it. And according to C-Man, the snow tasted amazing. At one point, it tasted like marshmallows and the next pizza! It was awesome! Diva M had school. I think we were one of the few school districts who did not either cancel school or at least do early dismissal. I know she did get to go out and enjoy the snow though and the teacher even made a lesson out of it!

I am really glad all my kids were able to experience the snow. Who knows when it will happen again!

Especially in Texas!

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