Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week~ ER trip

If you hadn't noticed, I did not post many blog entries this week. Thanksgiving week was....interesting to say the least.

Kids were out of school, that had no school...which meant chaos at home. Luckily we didn't have big plans for this week. I did not make a big production of the meal. We had tacos and tamales for Thanksgiving day and on Friday I made a turkey with mashed potatoes. Simple right?

Well Friday things got crazy. We had a mishap with a stocking holder falling on my 9.5 months old head and us watching him carefully. He seemed fine all day. Then night hit, and the throwing up started. Of course this is when I turned to Google to see what it said about head injuries, and guess what one of the symptoms was? Yep..throwing of course I start to panic. My husband and I agreed that if he got sick one more time we would call the pediatrician. Well not even 10 minutes after those words left my mouth, Jake projectile vomited all over my husband and my bed. Immediately we call the pediatrician and gave her the details. Of course since he is so young she said that he needed to be seen at a ER, just in case it was a head injury and not just a bug.

Hubby ran off with Jake and I stayed behind with the big kiddos. Panic and worry set in. I was literally sick to my stomach with worry. I was texting my husband asking for a play by play of what was going on. Of course most of it was simple," We r in the waiting room. He seems OK", "Wait, he just threw up again." And finally they were called back and a doctor ordered a CAT scan just to be safe. Luckily the CAT scan showed nothing! It was negative. The doctor said that he had a bug that is going around. If he was able to hold down some pedialite then he could come home to me, if not then he was getting a IV and a admission.

Fortunately, my son is a trooper. He is a tough one. He was my most difficult pregnancy, and by far my easiest baby(other than the scare we are talking about right now). So I knew that he would be the fighter he has always been, drink that pedialite and come home to me.

And he did.

Other than being exhausted, he has done wonderfully! Saturday we kept him on just a pedialite and water diet. He was not happy. He was so hungry but I wanted to make sure his tummy had settled down. Today, he has kept down oatmeal, cheerios, gerber banana puffs, and a banana. So tonight, I'm finally going to let him have some milk.

*Cross your Fingers* for me and for him! ;)

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