Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Boy!

I should save this pic for tomorrows Wordless Wednesday but I have another pic I want to share then.

My son is all boy! Seriously..he can barely walk a straight line without falling and hurting himself. Doc says he is just a boy. I wish someone had told me this ahead of time. Now I have to go through this twice!

Look at his eye!
I believe the story is that his eye met a scooter outside somehow!
You would think falling off a scooter you would get a skinned up knee or elbow right?

Not my son, he goes for the face!

1 comment:

Dotty said...

oh man! poor guy....but im guessing he thinks its COOL...lol. wait till the boys are both up running around and climbing on furniture just to jump off of it! boys are SSSSOOOO much fun....lol.

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