Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~ October 26th

Well my son's 3rd birthday party Saturday was a success! Total Star Wars and he loved it!

This week is just as busy as last I think. Only 2 nights this week that are open and free! We have cheer practice, 2 football games, Daisy Ball for girl scouts, and a fall festival for the boys, plus Trick or Treating on Halloween.

Align CenterSo I have 2 questions for my blog readers today, 1. What are your kids dressing up as? and 2. Do you have a traditional meal you cook on Halloween Night?

My daughter is "Spiderella", which essentially she looks like a vampire but I am told I must refer to her as Spiderella. My oldest son is Luke Skywalker, not really shocked by this are you? And my 8, almost 9 month old is just going to be wearing a skeleton sleeper. He will not be participating in the trick or treating, just the fall festival and then he will help me hand out candy on Halloween Night. As far as the meal, no we are non-traditional when it comes to this holiday and meal so we just cook what sounds good.

So...without further rambling on my part, here is my menu plan for another busy week!

Monday- Broiled Steak, Potatoes, and green beans.

Tuesday- Fish Tacos- made with tilapia- recipe to follow.

Wednesday-Cheer Practice- Cheese tortellini and broccoli

Thursday- Football game- quesadillas, rice and beans.

Friday- Daisy Ball and Fall festival- DD and I will eat pizza at the Daisy Ball and I believe the boys and hubby will have hotdogs at the fall festival

Saturday- Halloween Night- BBQ Ribs, Baked potato and corn on the cob.

Sunday- My son's actual 3rd Birthday is the 29th, but since we have a football game we are going to take him out to celebrate today. We will probably end up at Chuck E Cheese if I know my son! ;)

There you have it, another menu plan for a crazy week. As always, check out The Organizing Junkie for more great menu plans!


Anonymous said...

My son is going as Darth Vader this year and our party menu for Halloween is:
Sugar-And-Spice Pumpkin Seeds
Celery-Stick Fingers and Dip
Main Dishes
Spooky Sliders
Crunchy Bones
Side Dishes
Oozing-Brain Salad
Savory Sweet Potato Bake
Chocolate-Cookie Spiders
Frankenstein Rice Crispy Treats
Witch's Brew

Candice said...

Aiden is going to be a Pirate and Kale is going to be a Green Monster! We are not traditional when it comes to a meal for Halloween. I will probably make Chicken Spaghetti.

paula said...

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