Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA Round Up

This Sunday was the MTV Video Music Awards. The only reason I was remotely interesting this year was because of Robert Pattinson and the cast presenting a new New Moon extended trailer. OK and if I am being honest I wanted to see what Kristen Stewart would show up wearing(she ended up looking amazing!) and see this strange character called Lady Gaga(which BTW I was shocked at what she wore!).

I had no idea when I set out to watch that in one night I would be appalled and then in awe of the human race.

First up was the tribute to Michael Jackson. And while I am not a MJ fan, it was very awesome to see Janet Jackson performing her duet song with her brother. That definitely brought a tear to my eye. She did a good job.

Within 10 minutes of the show starting, Taylor Swift(who I love) won for Best Female Video. During her acceptance speech, a poor excuse for a human being, Kanye West got up on stage(I'm sure he had had a few drinks) and took the mic from Taylor and said, " Im happy for you Taylor and I'm going to let you finish, but Beyonce had the best video of all time!". Beyonce was in the audience looking shocked and appalled at one of her musical colleagues. Taylor looked absolutely mortified and when the mic was given back to her she looked as if she wanted to run of the stage crying. What was she to say or do at that point?! Poor girl. I am not saying I do not like Beyonce but Taylor deserved her moment to shine and that was taken away from her by someone who is known to be a complete jerk. I was never a big fan of Kanye West to begin with, but believe me, anything that has to do with that man is now on my list of "have nothing to do with". he does not deserve the publicity he is getting for this, he does not deserve any award he might win or any money from any record sales he might have now.

After this horrible episode the night was pretty adventurous. Lady Gaga performed and well, that was very interesting to say the least. Beyonce performed and did a fantastic job.

And the main reason I watched, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner came out to show the extended New Moon movie trailer. *Swoon* I love Rob. The trailer gave me goosebumps. It was amazing and I'm literally counting down the days till New Moon hits theaters.

Next, is the moment when I began to feel like there are good people out in the world. Beyonce won her award for Video of the Year, and as soon as she took the stage she said she remembered being 17 at scared at the VMA's with Destiny's Child. She said everyone deserves to have their moment and she wants to give Taylor hers. Beyonce invited Taylor back up on stage to accept her award. True class from Beyonce. It really shows how much of a bigger person she is than Kanye and that she did not stand behind his actions. Hats off to Beyonce for allowing Taylor to have her moment during her own special moment.

In conclusion:
1. Taylor Swift is amazing. She handled the situation the best she could. Poor girl was so out of her element....a country singer at the VMA's...but she did it! She won!
2. Kanye West...well I have a few choice words I could use for him, but this is a family blog and they will be kept to myself. Do not buy any of his albums or anything associated with this so called man.
3. Lady really all there is to say about this one.
4. Robert Pattinson....SWOON! Ready for New Moon!
5. Beyonce....wonderful, gracious, and caring woman who reminds us that there are good people out there.

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