Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jazz up Store Bought Cookie Dough

We are not big cake eaters in this house. The kids just lick the icing off and throw away the cake and I do not like cake...AT ALL! So when there is a birthday we usually just do cookies or cake balls.

Today is hubby's birthday so I thought I would make him some peanut butter cookies. I would normally do these from scratch, but I'm pretty lazy on Sundays. Its my day to get things ready to start the week and just hang out.

So I bought store bought cookie dough and wondered how I could make this store bought cookie dough awesome!

And this is my creation!

All I did was melt some almond bark in a bowl in the microwave and put on the cookie. A few cookies I add Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Chips used for baking. You could do this for any kind of cookie and with any toppings you like. My hubby loves peanut butter and chocolate so that's why I went this route for my family! They are super yum and super easy!

So anytime you need to jazz up some store bought cookies, try this out!


Anonymous said...

looks delicious.....thanks for the idea!
Courtney H.

Stevie Jean said...

Those do look good!!!

silverhartgirl said...

That looks so good. i want a peanut butter cookie with chocolate on it right now. yurm

Not So Average Mama said...


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