Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love Texas but....

I'm a born and raised Texan.

I love Texas. I love the Lone Star. I love cowboys(not the football team) and rodeos. I love country music.

I love BBQ. Oh sweet BBQ.

I love the Aggie's.
OK, well I don't like" love" them, but being married to an Aggie you kind of have to take one for the team so to speak. So I "love" them in my own sort of way.

What I do not love about Texas is the weather! I want to experience all 4 seasons Mother Nature has to offer! I want to see the leaves change colors. The leaves here in Texas go from green to dead. There is no in between, no beautiful reds, yellows, or oranges. Just green and then dead!

I mean look at this picture?!

Breathtaking isn't it?!
Now, being in Texas, I do not get to see beautiful things like this. We get blistering heat and cool winters. I don't even think they should be called winters if you do not get snow!

It is autumn after all and I was sweating walking to get my daughter from school.
That is just not right!
This should not be happening! I should be able to send my kids to school in jeans and a light jacket in autumn, not shorts and a tshirt!

Please Mother Nature, please bring us good ole Texans some real fall like weather! We really are awesome people and we deserve it after the scorching summer!


Michelle aka Momma Michie said...

Ahhh, yes. Fall is one beautiful season. We live in Ohio and I love walking picking up leaves and pine cones with the kids then come home to make a craft.

Want us to send you some fall leaves?

Lori said...

Michelle~ I would love to do that with my kids! We cant do anything like that here!

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