Monday, August 3, 2009

Space Center Houston Review

For part of our mini vacation last week, we made a stop at Space Center Houston.

This is a pretty neat and educational place for the kiddos.

During the summer they have all these great extra exhibits. This year they had a lot of items from the George Lucas films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Willow. My son loved the Star Wars area. He got to see Storm Troopers, R2-D2, and C3-PO. The Storm Troopers were not out on stage long, which I did not like. I wish they would of spent more time out or at least walked around the exhibits to allow kids to have their pictures taken with them. The R2-D2 and C3-PO were not live characters, just the replicas. They were still neat to see even if they were protected behind glass.

They had a Indian Jones rope course. My kids could not do this because they were not tall enough. You have to be 44 inches to play. It looked like a lot of fun though.

As far as the space exhibits....just let me say this...WOW! It was so amazing to see a real space shuttle, well at least what one looks like up close and personal. At times my daughter was afraid, we are not sure why. When they studied space in school she came home talking about it so excited, so we thought for sure she would be running around enjoying everything. I think most of it was that its a little overwhelming to think that there is something else out there, something else beyond this world and it frightened her a little. My son thought everything was really neat, even though he really had no idea what he was looking at!

My favorite exhibit was walking into this big room and you are looking at a mock up of the first landing on the moon! When you walk into the room you see all the Apollo mission's patches and pictures and information about each mission. The room is dark with tiny white lights all along the ceiling, making it look like you were looking up at thousands of stars. Then, there is a moon. You see the astronauts and in the distance you see the Earth...exactly as it would be if you were standing on the moon. It was amazing and gave me goosebumps to think of how far we have come in space exploration.

Obviously this picture does not do this exhibit justice but its the best I have!

If you are ever traveling near Houston, you have to check out Space Center Houston!

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