Monday, August 10, 2009

~ Menu Plan Monday~ August 10th

Well, camping this past weekend was a lot of fun...and a lot of adventures! Some good ones, and some not so good ones. The C man hit his head and then proceeded to act "out of it" so we had him checked out by a EMT but he reassured us there was no concussion, just one exhausted little boy. Then little Jake decided it would be fun to throw up twice and then give us a nice diaper surprise at 4am. Really though, everyone had a great time and I really hope we can make this a yearly back to school get together with our friends!

This weeks menu plan will once again be bare since we will be headed to my parents house which is in East Texas this weekend. We also have some back to school shopping to do as well.

Monday- Crockpot Sour Cream Salsa Chicken, tortillas, and rice.

Tuesday- Pancakes, Bacon, and eggs

Wednesday- grilled cheese

Thursday- Pizza for the kiddos and our baby sitter, hubby and I have a nice work dinner to attend.

Friday- Grab something while on the road

Saturday- Out of town

Sunday- Tacos, rice, and beans

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