Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Highly Inappropriate!

* This post is my opinion. If you do not like my opinion that's fine, but I will not argue with you on this subject matter.

Monday night was the Teen Choice Awards 2009 on Fox. My daughter heard the Jonas Brothers was hosting and asked if she could watch. I told her we would watch it together. ( I wanted to check out the Twilight cast and RPattz

Everything was going great, she was enjoying the show and I was enjoying spending time with her.

Finally it was time for Miley Cyrus to perform. My daughter likes her music as well so she was very excited to see her. As soon as it started my mouth hit the floor! I could not believe what she was wearing! I could not believe that her parents allowed her to wear that outfit! She is 16 years old for crying out loud! And even more so, is that she knows her audience. There are little girls out there as young as 4 years old that love Miley Cyrus and her character on the Disney Channel Hanna Montana. She was clearly targeting her older audience with her clothing choices at this point. And to make matters worse, all of a sudden a "ice cream cart" with a huge "stripper" pole comes out. As this cart is being wheeled out I'm thinking " there is no way that is about to happen". Boy was I wrong. Miley proceeded to jump on that ice cream cart and do a little pole dance! A 16 year old, doing a pole dance with hardly any clothes how is that appropriate?! I guess since she was on the "teen" awards show and not the "little girl" awards show. How can Disney allow this?! How can her parents?! I have never been so appalled!

Look for yourself!
Now, do you see that one face in the audience?! That has to be a mother standing there! It has to be because that was my face as this performance is going on!

You can not see very well in that particular picture, but her shorts(well if you can even call them shorts) are extremely short. I consider those to be underwear if you ask me. Even Britney Spears wore a dress that was longer than Miley Cyrus! And her shirt, yea it's see thru! its like a mesh netting with no back and of course you can see her bra. I guess I should be lucky that she at least wore a bra.

Lucky for me, my daughter does not "love" Miley Cyrus or Hanna Montana as much as some children do. But I do know that she will never ever watch that show ever again. I will not allow it and I will not help Disney or Hanna Montana out with ratings or sales of products that have anything to do with Miley Cyrus. I understand she is growing up and changing her music, but I think she(and her parents for crying out loud) should use common sense when it comes to shows where children are watching and "looking up" to these so called "artists.

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silverhartgirl said...

I cant believe that. wow I have a 9 year old daughter and am very glad we missed this. What was everyone thinking to plan this out. I know it is teen but teen shouldn't dance on poles. I love that women face.

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