Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School- Good Homework Habits

I was amazed that my daughter had homework last year as a Kindergartner. It was not hard, but really shocked that they started home that young.

I know from talking to other moms that first grade gets tougher! Which again, shocks me...I do not think I had homework till 2nd grade(other than some spelling words once a week).

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a few tips for Developing Good Homework and Study Habits and I wanted to pass them onto you since it is that time of year again!

1. Create an environment that is conducive to doing homework. Youngsters need a permanent workspace in their bedroom or another part of the home that offers privacy.

2. Set aside ample time for homework.

3. Establish a household rule that the TV set stays off during homework time.

4. Be available to answer questions and offer assistance, but never do a child's homework for him/her.

5. Take steps to help alleviate eye fatigue, neck fatigue, and brain fatigue while studying. It may be helpful to close the books for a few minutes, stretch, and take a study break periodically when it will not be too disruptive.

6. If your child is struggling with a particular subject, and you are not able to help her yourself, a tutor can be a good solution. Talk it over with your child's teacher first.

So you do anything different to help your child get his/her homework done in a timely manner? Do they go up to their room or do they have separate area to do homework?

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