Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pioneer Woman's Huevos Ree-os

I am so not a morning person. I hardly ever eat breakfast, unless coffee is now considered to be a acceptable breakfast food with nutritional value. I love breakfast food, but not for breakfast. I love bacon and french toast, but just for dinner! I will eat it in the morning though if the kids are pulling for some pancakes or IHOP( I try to convince them that Cracker Barrel is so much better. I have only won that battle once).

While I was doing my blog surfing last night I found something that total caught my eye! I love eggs too, so this recipe was calling my name over and over. The Pioneer Woman Cooks had up a delicious recipe called Huevo Ree-os. I knew as soon as I saw the recipe I had to make them. So as a pick me up for this Thursday Morning, I did. These were so super easy, literally took 10 minutes or less. Let me tell you, it took me less than 10 minutes to devour them! The only thing that would of made them better would of been some beans, but I did not have any! *Mental Note: have beans ready for this recipe at all times!*

My Picture is not that great, but it was delicious!

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