Monday, May 18, 2009

Watering you Garden for FREE!

I saw this great post last year on a blog called JANE4girls $800 Annual Budget about how to water your garden for free.

I began following that blog and printed out her directions last year! I knew if I was ever to have a garden I would have to do this!

So, now that we have a garden and it is actually growing I sent DH out for the supplies to make our rain barrels to water the garden.

Here is a picture of how he set it up on our back fence by the garden. You can see on the original blog post HERE how to do it and you can see how she connected it right to her gutters by her house. I didn't have that option so that's why we opted for back by the fence and my husband rigged it up this way. It works perfectly! He got it all set up right before it started to rain and I already have some water to start watering my garden! YAY!

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Candice said...

I saw this on another blog...I really want to make some! Thanks for sharing!!

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