Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Momma Cloth Giveaway!

I wanted to post about a awesome giveaway over at The Grocery Cart Challenge Blog

Its a fabulous giveaway for Lunapads Momma Cloth. While I haven't jumped on the momma cloth bandwagon myself, I do know several women who use them and have nothing but awesome things to say about Lunapads. And in this day in age, everyone is trying to be greener and what a great way to get started!

So take a moment and check out Lunapads website, take a look around.

Then head on over to The Grocery Cart Challenge and enter into her giveaway for a sample pack of Lunapads just for you!


Dotty said...

hey how do you make the links to other blogs show up like that in your posting? love the updates, trying to get inspired to get better with coupons and the walgreen deals like you post, and the menu items. keep it up:)

Lori said...

you type the word you want to be clickable and highlight it and then there is a little button with the earth and some links click it and a window will pop up and you put in the link to the website!


Gayle said...

Hey, guess what? You won!! Send me an e-mail with your shipping address and I'll let the Lunapad company know where to send them. Congratulations!!!


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