Monday, April 20, 2009

Disappearing Act?!

Did you all think I disappeared or something?!

Nope, not yet. Just had a busy weekend!
Thursday we took the kids to Disney on Ice. I will post a review and pictures this week.
Kids went to the church on Friday night for Parents Night Out so DH and I could enjoy sometime together. We had a yummy dinner at Carrabba's! YUM!

Saturday I hosted a Passion Party at the house. So much fun! Totally recommend everyone having a party! You can check out my friend's site who hosted my party to order or to contact her about hosting you own party(if you are in the Houston area).

Sunday I did some laundry and finished reading Twilight. Yes I have been sucked into the craze of Twilight! I'm starting New Moon tonight and I can not wait for DH to bring it home for me. Did I mention that I LOVE Edward?

Anyways, that is where I have been. I will be posting more this week and I am preparing my next giveaway!!! So keep checking the blog, comment, follow....just show me some luv!
Until next time....PEACE!

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