Monday, March 23, 2009

Taylor Swift!

DH came home one day last week and said he had been giving 4 tickets to see Taylor Swift at the rodeo. We had not planned to see her since the show was sold out and we had already been to the rodeo a few times, but who can pass up free tickets! Especially when its a sold out show!
Madison wanted to see her so badly that it just made sense to go ahead and go.

So we head to reliant and the traffic was unreal! I have never seen traffic like that in my whole entire life! We turned down Main and then found a sign that all lots were full, telling us to go to some Metro Park and Ride that we had never heard of. We ended up paying a arm and a leg to park at some storage lot and they had those people who ride the bikes pulling the carts take you up to the stadium.

Our seats were great! Madison had a blast! Poor Christopher was sooo tired and his poor allergies were acting up that once the rodeo was over he crashed. I dont think he saw any of the concert. Jacob was being watched by my good friend Tiffany.
Taylor does put on a good show. I think she does too much talking though, but it was a good show.

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