Sunday, September 28, 2008

What happened to Customer Service?!

Im officially boycotting Home Depot. I can not stand them right now.

We ordered our lumber for the fence on Tuesday...paid for it to be delivered...we were told it would happen on never came...we called and they said they have truck issues that we would be the first delivery Saturday morning... so I go to garden ridge and walmart Saturday morning thinking when I get home the wood would all be piled in my drive wood...I call home depot and they say "Oh the truck is getting loaded up right now, you are the first stop. " Wonderful...finally we can start the repair on the fence.....the truck arrives and as it is back in Im looking at it thinking there is no way that that is it...we order over 900.00 worth of supplies....sure enough we get out there with our receipt to start counting....we are short 6 bags of concrete and 330 pickets!!!

So I call the store and they ask to get my name and number so the manager can call me back later, I said "no thank you I will come up there and talk to them in person". At this point Im more than blood is boiling...I load DH and the kids in the car in case God forbid something happen and I passout from being so upset.

We get there and the manager tries to say it was a error by the girl who set up the deliveries, that she is having to use all her customer rental trucks to make deliveries today...I say "well thats not really my fault is it? My order should of been delivered yesterday". Again, more "Im sorry" from the manager and she goes off to see what she can do. She comes back and tell me she can "try" to get it to me today...I look and her and I say, " no, either you can get it to me today or I can get my money back, whats it gonna be? I paid for my supplies, I paid my delivery charge and I was expecting my product yesterday...I didnt get it, I got it today and more than half of my order was missing. I had people coming in to help put this fence up today. Now, will you guarantee me it will be delivered today?" .......her response " No, I can not make that gurantee." And I said...."well then you can give me my money back so I can go to Lowes and get what I need.
I have never seen customer service like this before. Very inappropriate and uncalled for and I will never come back to Home Depot and I will make sure all my friends and family know just how horrible you treat your paying customers." So I got my money back and we went to Lowes instead. We normally do shop at Lowes but we had a gift card to Home Depot so we thought we would give them a chance.

I understand that lots of people are needing lumber b/c of the hurricane, but why tell someone it will delivered on a certain day. They never said we will try to deliver it, they said " It will be there Friday morning." And then why only bring me half my order when you do finally deliver it?! And when I come up there to see what he problem is, you don't make every attempt to make sure I am satisfied and I get the product that I have already paid for.

So, this blog is to mainly tell you my exerpeince with Home Depot. And I have talked to several people since his happened to have also voiced frustrations with home depot. I hope that you too, stop and think of this story when you need home supplies...and instead of giving Home Depot, who does not care about their customers satisfaction, your money you will go some place else. Even if it cost a tiny bit more, you will be paying for your customer service.

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Candice said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that this weekend! We have had bad experiences with Home Depot too so we know shop at Lowe's only!

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