Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday's Deal

First Day Back to Couponing is a semi good day.

I had some issues at my first CVS with them not accepting my B1G1 Free Coupons. Second Store took them no problem, they just didnt have enough. I still need to find 6 more bottles of the shampoo to use all my coupons.

CVS Trip

4- Bottles of Loreal Vive Gloss Pro Shampoo/Conditioner

Total OOP: 0.00 This shampoo/Conditioner is B1G1 Free and I had coupons that were B1G1 Free. So I got 4 bottles and used 2 of my coupons. The shampoo is regularly 4.99!

Kroger Trip

2- Womens Gillette Shave Gel

1- Mens Gillette Shave Gel

3- Bottles of Herbel Essense Shampoo/Conditioner

Total OOP- $ 5.44

The deal is buy 3 participating P&G Items and get 1.00 off each item. The Shampoo is 2.50, so you buy 3 and you get them for 1.50 each. I had 1 coupon for $3.00 off any 2. So I got 3 bottles of Shampoo for 1.50.

The shave gel is $2.39 regular, I bought 3 so I got each one for 1.39 each. I then had 2- 55 cent coupons. SO I got 2 bottles for 85 cents each and 1 for 1.39
Total Savings at Kroger: $ 12.37! Thats a 73% savings!

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