Monday, February 4, 2008

Bottled up

So I'm a little annoyed with a few things and I think if I dont get them out I might blow up! think you know think they are your best friend and then contact with this person stops....and one can only guess why...a new boyfriend/ always right.?You do your best to make the contact stay constant but alas...nothing even get a "Well you can call me" response....well WTF! You can call me too! Im emailing you and you never respond..thats my attempt..if you dont like to email then call me! uugghhh..Ive made the first step now you make the next one. This crap has gone on long enough. And not just now in the current time, but in the past...why am I the one trying to stay in contact with people from HS and after HS....does anyone not want to stay in touch with me? Well fine then, screw you, I dont want to stay in touch with you either!

Second, small town BS...hate it...hate small towns even more..especially my home town...people are hypocrites...I hate to say it, I dont think I will ever call Athens my hometown ever again...I have had it with the politics in that town, with the people, I just dont even want to know that town anymore...and if my parents and my brother didnt live there I would never ever go back.

Third...and while I know it was a accident Im so upset that Danny has lost his wedding ring I could cry every night....I know he didnt mean to lose it but its still so upsetting that the first big symbol of our marriage is gone and we have no idea where it went.

Last but not least, the most annoying thing of all for most dont I ever have enough of it?!


raenette said...

I bought Lance a very expensive watch for our 1st Christmas as married people. He took it hunting ans lost it. It was the only thng that I ever bought him that cost a ton! GONE!! We have not seen it in 4 years. I am still upset about it so I know what you are going through!

Candice said...

I posted a comment earlier and now its gone. :( But I'm sorry you are so stressed and Danny lost his watch!!

WaterBishop said...

I have a friend like that too. I am sick of being the one to keep contact.
Sorry DH lost his ring. I would be very upset.

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